Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't worry about the distance

Don't worry about the distance. Don't worry about the time scale. Don't worry about your bags and what you keep inside them. They're useless when you go and they're not noticed when you're here. Go without or live here with.

Confort, fake confort. Everybody's white in one side, on the other hand we have different fingers. Blackish, near to our ground. Until one day. Until the day we look hopelessly forward to.

"When i grow up i wanna do commercials"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"ELIZABETH, the golden age"

"Rebellious childhood"

"Why do they grow up so fast?"

"IN 3D"

 Dimensions - We could love dimensions, the different perspectives and all that jazz. Oh yes, we live with perspectives and multiplicity. We could create ourselves in different ways, we could use specificity in the right moment, in the precise time. Recreate everything we mean in everything new we do. But the real texture and the focus would always remain the same - the deeply and everlasting truth - we are one and we need to embrace it.

Monalisa smile

"I was there part II"

My dad's vintage interview collection. INTERVIEW addict, and who likes interview likes W magazine!