Saturday, March 26, 2011


When we play with photographs we have to be careful because not all photos look good in a whole. We have to choose the right photographs with the right color, light or even meaning. This kind of "art" is a very personal one, because you can do everything. I really love LOVE magazine, LOVE official website, and LOVE backstage photographs, photographed by Boo George - (i can't wait to write an article about this newcomer, (wait for it!!)). I am representing a mix of expressions, genuine expressions. MORE collages soon.


Why did I choose this fashion film to be the first on my top? Because it's KARL LAGERFELD, it's Chanel. I'm kidding. First, the shivers were constant, but this was not my criteria. When Karl Lagerfeld wants to describe or explain his collection translated into a short film, Karl always does it well. We, moviegoers always want something more, magical, mystirious. My criteria: Music, timing, distinction, right models with the right look, the "palette of colors", the first second. Karl Lagerfeld wanted to show us what we can't see on the runaway - details. He also wanted to show us what was the story behind this spring/summer 2011 collection - the meaning. This is beyond amazing. HIS world, which I am curious to find out more. I give you an A+ as always Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

BEST FASHION FILM TOP 5 - 2 - Rodarte - The Curve of Forgotten Things FEATURING Elle Fanning

This film was created by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte and director Todd Cole with music by Deerhunter inspired by Northern California and the Seventies. Imagine clouds, endless wheat fields, imagine silence with background noise of machines...wind. Imagine a kids playing with clothes. Are you getting into the spirit? Imagine a blond girl with pale skin and green eyes with RODARTE clothes. Imagine a girl in strange place outside of time. Picturing it? Then imagine Ellle Fanning, with RODARTE dresses. Imagine The curve of forgotten things.

Friday, March 25, 2011

BEST FASHION FILM TOP 5 - 3 - "Rhythm Of Water And Air" By Jamie I...

The atmosphere, oh the captivating atmosphere! This film is interesting in so many aspects. Aesthetically, the images are so strong, so intense, so genius. I am astonished by his point of view, creativity...Clearly I am talking about Jamie Isaia, the director of this film. For a few moments, the film becomes abstract, the perception becomes harder, but that's the good thing. You can't put your eyes away of such a some kind of masterpiece. His ability to manipulate the emotional side of someone's character - feelings. In my opinion, it appears to me that the rhythm of water and air is a metaphor, it's not literally applicable to these characters. The air, the water - freedom - the state of not being imprisoned. Once more, I.F. did not disappoint me. 

View the full film here

BEST FASHION FILM TOP 5 - 4 - Dior Homme - The Time I Had Some Time Alone STARRING Victor Nylander




Can't wait - "Coco Mademoiselle" Starring Keira Knightly Teaser

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steady and strong

Animals are not ours to wear

Photographed by me

I'm against to fur, leather...

Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circuses and zoos. Many of us bought our beloved “pets” at pet shops, had guinea pigs, and kept beautiful birds in cages. We wore wool and silk, ate McDonald’s burgers, and fished. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights?

Read the article here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BEST NEW DESIGNER - womenswear - Mathew Ames


Matthew Ames was born in Washington, DC in 1979 and grew up in Illinois and Michigan. He gained a BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2003. After working at the atelier of Jurgi Persoons in Antwerp, Belgium, Ames relocated to New York where he began working as a design assistant to Miguel Adrover. In 2004, he was selected as a finalist for the Festival de la Mode a Hyeres in France. Ames showed his first women’s wear collection in 2005 and opened a studio in Brooklyn, New York. His collection is carried at Forty Five Ten in Dallas, Savannah in Los Angeles, Capitol in Charlotte, Helen Yi in Chicago and Takashimaya in New York among others. In 2009, Ames received the 8th annual Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award in women’s wear design. Ames lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

Official website here

BEST NEW DESIGNER - menswear - Antonio Azzuolo


Prior to launching a. a., Antonio Azzuolo served as design director for Ralph Lauren Purple and Black Label, where he dedicated his time to concept and design. Earlier, Azzuolo worked for over ten years at high-end New York and Parisian design institutions such as Hermès and Kenzo.

Having worked in such diverse environment within the fashion industry, Azzuolo brings to his a. a. line a cultivated design and luxury goods aesthetic as well as a market-driven methodology of work.

A native of Montreal, Azzuolo graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, where he received his B.A.A. in Apparel Design with a specialization in Men's Tailoring. After graduation, Azzuolo moved to Milan, from where he participated in and won first place in the menswear category at the "Festival des Jeunes Stylistes de Hyères". This award presented him with an opportunity to relocate to Paris where he launched his professional career.

Official website here

I'm fine...Just fine

Sunday, March 20, 2011


You have already seen her from my old posts, but i never introduce herself like my muse. Having a muse is something personal, that perhaps nobody will understand why. Besides being my best friend she's the girl who gives inspiration for my projects.

In a world where nowadays people are so ordinary, where we all get used to smiles, to tears, to chocolate milk, you all are just...ordinary people.
It's traffic, it's raining, and once again I'm trying not to think about the rain. Her smile, her eyes, her hair, her fragility, her sense of humor, her game. I've always wondered what does she thinks, if there is a possibility of susceptibility of weakness. 
In the past seven years, that i know her, we've never had a perfect moment, a perfect quote, a perfect photograph because no one see our friendship like us. In the past seven years, she never stopped, like rain, and one day I tried not to think about the rain - bad choice.
When we were kids, we have dated, but we've never kissed  which is an interesting fact and ironic too. (smiling). We've always had different concepts about life! haha. 
 I love her unconditionally, because she's anything but ordinary which is something that I am afraid that she didn't understand yet.

You should try to have a muse, I'm serious. Or at least having someone smiling at you constantly.





   INTERVIEW MAGAZINE THE MEN'S ISSUE - this issue is amazing. the contributors like the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld, Craig McDean, John currin, among others. And of course, the greatTom Ford, made me buy it. 
PERDIDOS NA AMÉRICA BY JOEY GOEBEL - Five unconventional  misfits from the ages of eight to eighty come together to form a rock band in a small Kentucky town, in a whimsical study of mainstream American pop culture. A first novel.
SHOES - masculinity comes from the shoes.
L'OFFICIEL HOMMES LONDON CALLING 21 ISSUE - By MILAN VUKMIROVIC, such a fantastic magazine. Well done!
THE ROLLING STONES 365 DAYS - it is undeniable that the group has become the longest-lived rock-and-roll institution in history.
An unforgettable album, the photographs are amazing.And their style..
MONOCLE FEBRUARY ISSUE - Monocle is a magazine and website founded by Tyler Brûlé.
IPAD - tommy ton, you are amazing. Check his blog JAKANDJIL.
CÃES DANADOS - the first movie of Quentin Tarantino.
WHITE SHIRT - required in any men closet. 
MAD MEN SERIE - every men should see it.  


Saturday, March 19, 2011

DAD, can you teach me how to be an adventurer, or maybe a sailor, or a time traveler?

1. ALBUM - SKYE "MIND HOW YOU GO" - this woman is fantastic. Mind how you go?..if you hear this album you'll travel for sure. "what's wrong with me" - perfect song."I try not to think about the future or the future, so on and so on...try not to think about the rain" - Skye you have my applause.
2. STRIPED SWEATER - striped sweaters, oh striped sweaters, oh Gabrielle Chanel.

3. VOGUE HOMME INTERNATIONAL 12 LA FORCE DE L'ÂGE - the cover made me buy it. It is an amazing issue. How great can my grandfather be?

4. WHITE CONVERSE ALL STARS - do I have to say something? my grandfather had it, my father had it, my friends...white all stars, just white, with that red stripe.

5. DARKGREEN/DARKBLUE SCARF - I've always loved to match dark green and dark blue.


7. SLAM BOOTS- mind how you go 

8. ROAD MOVIES . THE FIRST 25 YEARS ALBUM - U2? Nick Cave? Tom Waits? I'm on my way!

9. CORTO MALTESE "LA BALADA DEL MAR SALADO" (SPANISH VERSION) - who doesn't know Corto Maltese?! The great adventures of Corto Maltese. I admire his style.I'd like to have his beard, or his curly hair, or his spirit. "Hay distintas maneras de descubrir mundos."


11. TIN TIN AGENDA1995DIARY FROM MY DAD - I did travel one day, on my bed reading my dad's diary. An amazing journey by the way. how unpredictable can my dad be? 

12. LOMOGRAPHY - WARNING, do not "open it" till the end!
DAD, can you teach me how to be an adventurer,  or maybe a sailor, or a time traveler? 

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
 Today's all about a journey. Destination - Your conscience. Have you ever gone there? Of course you all would like to travel around the world. But first travel around your prospects. Let's start from the beginning.

Let me tell you something: one destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. 
Dad, when i grow up i want to be an adventurer, or a sailor, or a time traveler - I said with enthusiasm. 
Son, c'amon,an adventurer? Sailor? A time traveler? 
I was just watching him, trying to gather his words. I was just 4 years old. I did not realize that my father was setting up my life prospects. And then he came up with this phrase.
That's absurd, fiction is fiction, reality is reality, and you can't be an adventurer, because it's fiction, you can't be a sailor cause that's fiction and once again, a time traveler? that's fiction...a waste of time. That day,was all about a journey, an immature vs mature journey. Destination - my conscience. And today, I just want to wear a stripped sweater, I just want to read corto maltese adventures, i just want to try not to think about the rain, because it's OK to's a comfortable place.  

...Dad can you tell me where are the keys? 

 I just want to try not to think about the rain.