Saturday, March 26, 2011


Why did I choose this fashion film to be the first on my top? Because it's KARL LAGERFELD, it's Chanel. I'm kidding. First, the shivers were constant, but this was not my criteria. When Karl Lagerfeld wants to describe or explain his collection translated into a short film, Karl always does it well. We, moviegoers always want something more, magical, mystirious. My criteria: Music, timing, distinction, right models with the right look, the "palette of colors", the first second. Karl Lagerfeld wanted to show us what we can't see on the runaway - details. He also wanted to show us what was the story behind this spring/summer 2011 collection - the meaning. This is beyond amazing. HIS world, which I am curious to find out more. I give you an A+ as always Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

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