Friday, March 25, 2011

BEST FASHION FILM TOP 5 - 3 - "Rhythm Of Water And Air" By Jamie I...

The atmosphere, oh the captivating atmosphere! This film is interesting in so many aspects. Aesthetically, the images are so strong, so intense, so genius. I am astonished by his point of view, creativity...Clearly I am talking about Jamie Isaia, the director of this film. For a few moments, the film becomes abstract, the perception becomes harder, but that's the good thing. You can't put your eyes away of such a some kind of masterpiece. His ability to manipulate the emotional side of someone's character - feelings. In my opinion, it appears to me that the rhythm of water and air is a metaphor, it's not literally applicable to these characters. The air, the water - freedom - the state of not being imprisoned. Once more, I.F. did not disappoint me. 

View the full film here

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