Saturday, March 19, 2011

DAD, can you teach me how to be an adventurer, or maybe a sailor, or a time traveler?

1. ALBUM - SKYE "MIND HOW YOU GO" - this woman is fantastic. Mind how you go?..if you hear this album you'll travel for sure. "what's wrong with me" - perfect song."I try not to think about the future or the future, so on and so on...try not to think about the rain" - Skye you have my applause.
2. STRIPED SWEATER - striped sweaters, oh striped sweaters, oh Gabrielle Chanel.

3. VOGUE HOMME INTERNATIONAL 12 LA FORCE DE L'ÂGE - the cover made me buy it. It is an amazing issue. How great can my grandfather be?

4. WHITE CONVERSE ALL STARS - do I have to say something? my grandfather had it, my father had it, my friends...white all stars, just white, with that red stripe.

5. DARKGREEN/DARKBLUE SCARF - I've always loved to match dark green and dark blue.


7. SLAM BOOTS- mind how you go 

8. ROAD MOVIES . THE FIRST 25 YEARS ALBUM - U2? Nick Cave? Tom Waits? I'm on my way!

9. CORTO MALTESE "LA BALADA DEL MAR SALADO" (SPANISH VERSION) - who doesn't know Corto Maltese?! The great adventures of Corto Maltese. I admire his style.I'd like to have his beard, or his curly hair, or his spirit. "Hay distintas maneras de descubrir mundos."


11. TIN TIN AGENDA1995DIARY FROM MY DAD - I did travel one day, on my bed reading my dad's diary. An amazing journey by the way. how unpredictable can my dad be? 

12. LOMOGRAPHY - WARNING, do not "open it" till the end!
DAD, can you teach me how to be an adventurer,  or maybe a sailor, or a time traveler? 

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
 Today's all about a journey. Destination - Your conscience. Have you ever gone there? Of course you all would like to travel around the world. But first travel around your prospects. Let's start from the beginning.

Let me tell you something: one destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. 
Dad, when i grow up i want to be an adventurer, or a sailor, or a time traveler - I said with enthusiasm. 
Son, c'amon,an adventurer? Sailor? A time traveler? 
I was just watching him, trying to gather his words. I was just 4 years old. I did not realize that my father was setting up my life prospects. And then he came up with this phrase.
That's absurd, fiction is fiction, reality is reality, and you can't be an adventurer, because it's fiction, you can't be a sailor cause that's fiction and once again, a time traveler? that's fiction...a waste of time. That day,was all about a journey, an immature vs mature journey. Destination - my conscience. And today, I just want to wear a stripped sweater, I just want to read corto maltese adventures, i just want to try not to think about the rain, because it's OK to's a comfortable place.  

...Dad can you tell me where are the keys? 

 I just want to try not to think about the rain.


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