Sunday, March 20, 2011


You have already seen her from my old posts, but i never introduce herself like my muse. Having a muse is something personal, that perhaps nobody will understand why. Besides being my best friend she's the girl who gives inspiration for my projects.

In a world where nowadays people are so ordinary, where we all get used to smiles, to tears, to chocolate milk, you all are just...ordinary people.
It's traffic, it's raining, and once again I'm trying not to think about the rain. Her smile, her eyes, her hair, her fragility, her sense of humor, her game. I've always wondered what does she thinks, if there is a possibility of susceptibility of weakness. 
In the past seven years, that i know her, we've never had a perfect moment, a perfect quote, a perfect photograph because no one see our friendship like us. In the past seven years, she never stopped, like rain, and one day I tried not to think about the rain - bad choice.
When we were kids, we have dated, but we've never kissed  which is an interesting fact and ironic too. (smiling). We've always had different concepts about life! haha. 
 I love her unconditionally, because she's anything but ordinary which is something that I am afraid that she didn't understand yet.

You should try to have a muse, I'm serious. Or at least having someone smiling at you constantly.

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